I truly enjoy reading books by Stephen Hawking. Only read two, but anyway, they have the same tone of voice. The easiness to explain these complex things, and adding some fun remarkes every here and there 🙂 Relaxing!

Now I read The Grand Design.

Not to say that I am able to explain the Grand Design for others. But is that necessary? Isn’t it a good enought reason to read a sience book, just for enjoing the time reading it, without any major aspirations on actually be able to pass a test afterwards?

And even if I can’t explain all the things explained in the book, it still provides me with an understanding on how far we (humanity) has come in this field.

And yes, I love the logic 🙂 But actually also in the same time getting reminded of all the thousends and thousends of parameters affecting each individual’s actions.

The human behaviour being even more complex. Or?