maj 2013

Sakine skriver som vanligt rakt-på-sak. Denna gång om medelklassvänstern som tar sig för att representera de fattiga och de i utanförskapsområden, utan att ha en susning vad de talar om. (Expressen)

Påminner mig dessutom om mina tidigare inlägg kring frågan om relativ-barnfattigdom. Om det är något politikerna behöver bry sig om eller ej.

Personligen anser jag det högst relevant. Tar för givet att Sakine också anser det. Bara frustrerande att det finns de politiker i Sverige som inte tycker så.

Exakt hur man ska definiera relativ barnfattigdom gå så klart att diskutera.


Good that the Swedish-school-discussion goes on (eg SvD , DN), but …

… it seems like ”only the current” teachers are asked …

… and ”how to save the students who are in school right now?

My gess is that ”Farbror Blå” was a great teacher. Order when studing, the students could be sure he wanted only the best for them, and every now and they he could iven join in playing.

My view is, might be over-pessimistic, but still: Isn’t it so that most teachers who like creative study environment for all students in the class, they have left the school. A few might have searched refuge in a private school, and a few enthusiastic new teachers exist. As well as a few of the old ones which has learned to survive the different ideologies which comes and goes.

So: Why don’t we ask more of the individuals who has left and the persons who should have chosen the career as a teacher if it was some order in the school, supporting all of the students.

I would also like to hear more about how to rescue the current students. Not only to listen to these long-term reforms. The are also needed, but doesn’t help the students in school today.

Better just mention then that I like the possibility with apprenticeship. And I can not understand the discussion that all shall have pre-University competence. Why not just make it easy and possible to add that competence later in life if you like to.

And finally: Not just make the students come out from the school environment, also make ”we who work” coming into the school. Especially in these subjects where today’s school system has failed to inspire. I think it would be a great thing to visit school. Could we not have something related to either tha I as an individual could get a tax reduction. Or if I was at school during my ”Work-time”, then that company get a tax reduction. Or maybe ”only” good credibility, and employees with broadening horizons.

I learned about Teach for Sweden on the Swedish public service TV News today. They brought up the problem we have to attract teachers for mathematic, chemistry and so on.

I have not taken the time to look into what they already plan or which ideas they have, the purpose of this blogpost is instead just to provide my spontanious questions, until I have looked further into this subject. So, how do they consider the following:

  • Higher degree of remote teaching (e-learning), including new ways and to ”import” from Universities outside of Sweden.
  • Focus on the pedagogic skill for teachers of young students. Not necessarly with university degree in the subject in question.
  • Increase the use of students in mathematic, to teach/support younger students.
  • Increase the possibility to be a part-time-teacher, for students in High School and University.

I am looking forward to come back to this subject when I have looked further into Teach for Sweden. Seams like it is a concept also used in other countries.