I learned about Teach for Sweden on the Swedish public service TV News today. They brought up the problem we have to attract teachers for mathematic, chemistry and so on.

I have not taken the time to look into what they already plan or which ideas they have, the purpose of this blogpost is instead just to provide my spontanious questions, until I have looked further into this subject. So, how do they consider the following:

  • Higher degree of remote teaching (e-learning), including new ways and to ”import” from Universities outside of Sweden.
  • Focus on the pedagogic skill for teachers of young students. Not necessarly with university degree in the subject in question.
  • Increase the use of students in mathematic, to teach/support younger students.
  • Increase the possibility to be a part-time-teacher, for students in High School and University.

I am looking forward to come back to this subject when I have looked further into Teach for Sweden. Seams like it is a concept also used in other countries.