Love and hate, with an unknown touch of reality. Can it be better?

Dracula Untold is a strong movie. Then, as these days, children are taken away from their families to become soldiers. This particular child did return. He was strong, had a lot of love for his people and family, and he wanted to keep the peace.drac-son-2

Tragically enough he faced a new dilemma. Not all the neighbours wanted peace. So, which sacrifices shall one be prepared to take to keep the peace? What options do one have? Even this is questions we still are asked.

But Dracula got an unusal offer and he handled it wisely. I wish we had more men and women like Dracula these days, saving our children from slavery.

The movie also reminded me that it is now time for me to finish reading In Search of Dracula, The History of Dracula and Vampires, by Raymond T. Mc Nally and Radu Florescu.

In Search of Dracula

In Search of Dracula